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    I have a space saver tyre from a 2nd Generation tyre which I was hoping to use on a 3rd generation Jazz, the 3rd Generation has 16" alloys, the hole placement seems fine, the space saver measure approx 15.3" ish on the rim, can anyone advise if this can be used?


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    Can a 3rd Generation Jazz owner please confirm the spare wheel size for @Sherbet66
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    Just my own preference, having had to use a 'running' spare on a Jazz once - on offside rear.

    My advice - don't handling appalling even on a rear wheel and keeping below the recommended 50mph.

    Dread to think what it would be like on a front wheel.

    I think purchase of full size wheel and matching tyre to existing is by far the best approach.

    I also would like to see another attempt to have running spares outlawed - was online a few years ago!!
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    It's not the rim size that matters as the overall tyre diameter. Measure both your 16" and the Space saver. If they're roughly the same it would be OK in an emergency. I don't know how the law stands. I have 18" on my CR-V and a set of 17" winters, I've checked against both and they're the same. Also the Owner's Handbook gives the same dimension Space Saver for both fits,