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Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Heckler, Friday 24th Jul, 2015.

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    Since picking up the car a week ago, I've been mulling over the cost of a replacement key as it only came with the one. Blanks aren't cheap and neither is getting Honda to recode one to my car.

    Today I had a surprise, a package from the dealer with the 2nd key in it; I've tested it and it works fine... so that's saved me around £100-150
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    Nice dealer ! :clap:
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    Good on the dealer for going out there way to get it to you :Smile:
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    Which dealer was that @Heckler? They need to be named for going the extra mile.
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    They're called Sterling Cars in Reading, they sell entirely through ebay... I think they buy in bulk from trade auctions. It's the 2nd car I've bought from them over the last 4yrs and they're fair and honest in my opinion. Ebay name is carswithnoreserve and that's what they do... no reserves on any cars they sell.

    You can bid on a car without seeing it, all they expect you to do is turn up and look at it... they give you the keys and you can take as long as you like to inspect it, test drive it (they're 2 miles from the M4, so you can give it a good blast). Because they buy in bulk from trade auctions, you are some times missing extra keys, or service history. But if you don't like the car, they are fine with you walking away from it... No attempts to try and tell you you bought it you have to pay. They understand that they may not have picked up every single little fault and flaw... Sometimes they're listing the cars before they've been delivered.

    When I bought my Mondeo back in 2012, it was a good clean car Ghiz X with 93K on the clock, no history but ran sweet. On the way home it overheated... called them up, they sent one of their mechanics out, turns out the water pump failed, they towed me back, gave me a courtesy car for a few days and got it fixed for me. A few weeks later the boot catch failed (was repaired for the MOT) and the cheeky sods at the MOT station had bodged a repair with a plastic tie. Called them up, said to get a replacement and send them the bill, few days later cheque in the post to cover it.

    They're not perfect, and neither are the cars... but I think they're honest which is hard to find with 2nd hand car dealers... and occasionally you get a gem like mine with full Honda service history and one previous owner... even rare is to find that with a low mileage. These are often company or fleet cars or taken in trade in from other dealers and punted through the auctions.