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    Hi All,

    Had a puncture the other day, used the bottle of tyre sealant in the boot ...

    Epic, Monumental, :Epic Fail:

    Firstly, I really needed to stand in the dark, below freezing, in a howling gale (when else do punctures occur?) on a Highlands lane trying to decipher the 'instructions'.

    Then, the first picture shows the toolkit pliers being used to pull a nail out of the tyre. Really? A punctured tyre always stops with whatever's caused the puncture visible immediately? Or, as there isn't a jack, I was supposed to move the car a few inches at a time, getting in and out of the car each time to look for the puncture? In the aforementioned dark, below freezing, howling gale? Naturally, of course, I didn't and ended up with tyre 'sealant' running down the road, then the bill for a new tyre ... 'cos, having used the wretched stuff, whatever the puncture was can't then be fixed ... :AcuteSenseOfHumourFailure

    I appreciate that car makers use it as a trick to lower the car's weight for the fuel consumption tests, but did no-one in the entire Honda organisation think, "Hang on, chaps, this needs a sanity check. We really need to offer a spare wheel, jack and brace as an 'option' and actually fit it to cars being sold to Joe Public"?

    So, everyone who's already experienced this and is now laughing at me from behind their computers, what fills the space for the spare wheel in your car?:help:

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    Unfortunately this seems to be the trend with all manufacturers now but you just can't beat having an actual spare tyre.