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    After nearly two years I thought I'd better examine the condition of my spare tyre on my CR-V !
    Its not the case I'm lazy, I just couldn't remove the hard cover. Both the zips were missing, its very rusty and the fabric cover was rotting.
    I could feel it held air and also could feel it had some kind of tread, as I have breakdown cover I thought I'd let them struggle with it ! However last MOT one rear tyre had an advisory of cracked sidewall although it past thought it was time to change. I bought a set of used alloys which all came with good tyres, two infact matched the fronts. I found some friendly rubber monkeys who swapped them around for some peanuts and small amount of cash.
    After much struggling they managed to remove wheel cover intact, the tyre looked almost new until on closer inspection was completely rotted on the tread !
    Heat from blowtorch was required to shift the securing nuts so glad I wasn't stuck out in the middle of nowhere !
    Other good rear now became spare, two good used put on the rear, all new valves, balanced safety checked for £20
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    Good thinking @stuscrv ! You now have a usable spare.