Engine & Gearbox Spark plugs.

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    So I've had my 07 2.4 auto for about four weeks now and everything seems essentially sound.

    There's 109,000mls on it and the service book has been stamped at regular intervals but I've no record of what was actually done so as I've an errand today at one of the local motor factors anyway I'm going to pick up an oil filter, air filter, and set of spark plugs.

    My notion of the spark plugs is that they'll either be the originals, or relatively recent, and I'm hoping that I should have a reasonable idea which. Has anyone been aware of a set in place for a ridiculously long time, and how they looked?

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    If your stamps are from a Honda dealer then I will be expected the plugs would have been changed at 75k mile service along with valve clearance and fuel filter change. If it not a Honda stamp expect them not to be done.

    iridium plugs show very little wear.
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    No, not Honda dealer stamps. But franchise dealerships over here have such an appalling reputation anyhow that a service history from one of them is bordering on a negative factor!

    I'll just have to lift them out and see.
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    I'm doing mine as part of a major service once my new clutch is in and IIRC they come in at £15 each
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    Recommended plugs for the k24 seem to be iridium versions which don't require changes as regularly (I've seen either 100k km or 100k miles documented somewhere).

    I'm currently using Denso IK20s which have been fine (these are 40k miles interval changes IIRC). I plan on changing them every other interval which is earlier than suggested and have stock of some IK20TT as ready replacements. Plan to use these on both the k24 in the accord and k20 in the FR-V

    Re your current plugs if they're not iridium versions then they're definitely not originals. Whether iridium or not however it would be hard to figure out when they were changed. Honda dealers are likely to have used NGK or Denso (more than likely NGK however) and had they followed protocol would be iridium.
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    Just had a quick look at the invoice today, plugs were £12 something plus VAT each so not too bad.

    Took the old ones out and just knew they wouldn't be going back in, they had that characteristic brown marking around the base of the ceramic (externally) so while I couldn't be sure if they were the originals, I very much doubt they had 30,000mls left in them. They weren't very tight and there was a wee smidgen of oil around the base of a couple of them so I wondered if they'd maybe been taken out, looked at and put back, then the crush ring wouldn't seal as well again thus the dampness. Anyhow, they're gone, incidentally the plugs I had for it were the exact same as came out so maybe they were the originals.

    Last service in the book was at 105,000 and the air filter was like new so it stayed, pollen filter was filthy so it got ditched. Oil filter was very clean so it had been done certainly but it looked like a cheapy and I'd no idea what oil was in it as well, plus it had been overfilled a bit. So I just drained it, fitted a decent filter, and put in 10-40 semi-synthetic motorcycle oil which I use in all our cars (four in the family!).

    Both rear tyres were a bit ridgy on the inside so I moved the fronts to the rear and fitted two new Michelin Cross Climates to the front, then finished off with a bit of a tidy up underneath to the paneling, replacing any fasteners missing, and just generally tightening it all up a bit.

    All that's left is to take it to an ex Honda mechanic not far from here for an ATF change, probably let him do the fuel filter as well plus a good check over, and I can start to enjoy driving it properly!
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    I think that the fuel filter may be a relatively easy job for the home mechanic which you could tackle yourself