ICE & HFT speaker upgrade

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    Hi all,

    Im thinking about upgrading my audio systeem. I have the Premium sound with sat nav at the moment. Right now im quite satisfied with the sound, but the front door speakers do not deliver any base at all. So i was thinking about upgrading them.
    I would like to know if the front speakers are 6.5 inch or 5 inch one's. Because i've read about both so now i don't know for sure which one to look for. Im not intending to use a aftermarket amp or anything like that. I would be happy if the base would be a bit more then now.
    To replace the speakers, can i do it by taking of the speaker grill? Regarding tweeters: I'm ok with the stock one.

    So in short i would like to know:
    What size speakers do i need?
    Are they easy to replace?
    Is it worth upgrading?
    Some suggestions...

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    Any speaker as long as it has a high sensitivity ie 91db etc
    Pioneer, JBL, Focal. Im sure someone had Hertz.

    Just noticed its for 7th not 8 th gen. Im not sure on their size but would of thought theyd still be 17cm.
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    yes, it is a 7th Generation. Regarding replacing, wil i have to remove the door cards or only the speaker grill?
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    I changed the 6x9 for a JBL GT6-69. Unfortunatly only 2 screwholes align at each speaker. So i have secured them with only 2 screws each opposite each other (for now). This leads to an immense amount of vibration from the speaker. So next week im thinking to make 2 new holes so i can secure them right. I will let u all know if it was worth it to upgrade the shelf speakers.

    There is another problem which i detected. My left front speaker seems not to be working all the time. When i open up the volume at 24 or above, then it starts working. And when i lower the volume to approx 5-10, it then stops working again. I read in a topic that the 7th gen had some amp problems. But since only 1 speaker is not working properly could this be the issue? I hope not, because it seems expensive to solve.. Hope it is just the speaker so i can change that.
    Has anyone had a issue like mine?
    Looking forward 2 hear from u guys.