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    Hi guys, I have very nearly completed my buying list from the UK, I still cannot get a pair of bumper indicators so I will just have to wait till a pair turn up i took one speaker out of the rear parcel shelf today as it is completely shot to pieces, I have managed to find two on ebay ( where else does one look now?) I need two for the doors so if any one knows where I can get a pair let me know, thanks, by the way if any one is thinking of changing over door handles front to back sort of thing the driver door is not interchangable, the others are but you will have to change over the rod fastener as they are differant gauges, the front fasteners are pink and the back ones are green.
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    Thanks jaywood, I have found a pair no on ebay, the ones you show me are for probably a later model, but I am indeted to you for this post, thanks, and I will remember the wanted section, by the way have seen, Yesterday in Paphos an Accord of the same model as mine but no spoiler on the boot lid, I was quite amazed, there are at least two of these now in Cyprus ha ha ha.