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    Transitioning from small-block domestics to Honda land led to a drag record of 8.46 at nearly 179 mph.

    Cole Marmon isn't apologetic of his being raised among a muscle car family, of owning eight Ford Mustangs, of, until four years ago, having never owned a Honda. He needn't be. A collection of turbocharged and supercharged ponycars and a family heritage amuck with drag racing and quality time in the pits at a ripe age makes sure of that. But transitioning from all of that—from a life of blown eight-cylinders and even a spell working alongside drag racer and eight-time NMRA champion John Urist—to modifying a decade-old Honda Civic Si he'd acquired for a little cash and nitrous kit is, by all accounts, just marginally peculiar.

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    Follow their exploits on Instagram. The guys at speedfactory definitely seem to know what their at.

    I believe they also make most of ktuned stuff. I could be wrong though.