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    Forcing a 2001 S2000 to do exactly what it was never intended to do ...

    "LOL, that thing will never drift in a million years!" "Fail! That car wasn't meant to slide; you need to build a Nissan." Having posted a photo of Chris Jeanneret's AP1 on social media, the negative responses poured in incredibly fast and far outweighed anything even remotely positive by a massive margin. Not surprising when you consider that S2000s haven't been held at the highest regard amongst the drift community, undoubtedly a result of the very few subpar performances peppered throughout the last decade. The detractors aren't exactly incorrect when they tout the S2000's ability to, even with it's tail-happy nature, avoid the act of sliding sideways aggressively, and instead, lend itself to correction via driver input. Still, there are those who want something different, something that steps away from the norm in a field that seems hell-bent on utilizing a rather generic formula for competition.

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