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    I got my car back today after it had been involved in a rear end shunt that scratched the paint on the rear bumper. Despite Springfield having sold their Honda dealer franchise, they have still kept their approved body shop status and that is great as they are excellent.

    I'm not entirely sure if they have just resprayed the scratched bumper or replaced it entirely, but you cannot tell that it is not the original factory finish on the car. It did take a week for them to do the work but that was not their fault, the third party insurer held things up for a few days wanting further information and photographs before authorisation of the repair work.

    The car was ready as agreed and was returned fully valeted inside and out so it was a shame it was raining today as their valeting has been spoiled by the salt that is still on the roads.

    All in all an excellent job. :GoodJob:
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    Good feedback I take it they are a approved Honda bodyshop unlike a main franchises bodyshop which does every known car .