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    Springfield Honda have been good so far...

    Prices are obviously higher, that comes with the territory when considering dealerships.

    However, they seem to be sensitive to costs and have set up something clever. They developed a Dynamic Customer Account system. It works like this:

    1. A Direct Debit is arranged and a monthly amout is collected by Honda. The amout is calculated in view of forecasted services [minor and major] over a period of three years. Currently I pay less than £20/month.
    2. By the time it comes to service the car, if the DD has been going for long enough, the money has already been paid and Honda do the service without further charges. If the DD is recent, there may be a shortfall which you pay at any time in between or at point of service.
    3. The beauty is that you can also top up your account in addition to your monthly DD. Say you know you need to do a repair or part replacement at some point or just want to make an improvement on the car, you are free to top up your account, a bit like a piggy-bank thing.

    Springfield Honda also do a Free-of-Charge car checkup, you get a printout of what is likely to be needed extra service, if any so you can plan in advance before anything goes wrong.

    I did a Plan with them for my Accord Tourer. In June I have a massive service but thanks to the Plan my shortfall is fairly small, about £100.

    I am going to need a new clutch and here comes another good thing about Springfield Honda. They provide a full cost including OEM parts and the labour required. The cost is fixed, so no nasty surprises. The free checkup works well because it gives more than enough notice on an annual basis so you have time to plan, without incurring into difficulties.

    I think it is brilliant and so far have no complaints. Staff is brilliant, willing to engage with the Customer and help whenever the Customer needs it.

    I am therefore hapy to recommend them. Their interventions on my car have been good and above all they are proving they can be nice to everyone not just customers who are there to buy a brand new machine. Every Customer is a good Customer, the way it should be.
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    Good review. Thank you.
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    Excellent review I have used Springfield in past.
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    Which garage did you go to to get the deal LJG as the one in Newcastle didnt even mention it to me....Sounds like a good deal though
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    Hi, the garage is Springfield Honda in Pity Me. Follow the road to Framwell, part of the route would be what you would do to go from Durham centre to North Durham Hospital. Go through Pity Me and turn right at the roundabout. Springfield Honda is on the left, there is a Retail Park also right behind the garage.
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    Ah the one behind the Arnison retail park, was there the other week picking a new key up, nice receptionist too.