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    Is your middle sun visor as squeaky as mine due to lake of use? This top tip may help.

    Get some furniture polish, I prefer Mr Sheen original but any will work.

    I played it safe and removed the entire visor from the roof and sprayed the plastic join(the bit that rotates when opening / closing)
    Absolutely cake the plastic with the polish and open and close the visor.

    A small flat head screw driver is needed to open the cover and a cross head to undo the one mounting screw.

    I found I can get more polish in the gaps in my hand. It also prevents getting polish on the ceiling which will attract dirt.

    I also did the drivers and passengers while at it but made sure I hand a clean cloth to catch any surplus spray.

    All moving freely, quiet and literally a 5 minute job.
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    Yas! I'll be doing this... Thank you :Smile:
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    Thanks for the info, i'm going to do mine,it's like the Munsters front door at the moment :Smile:
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    I used dash cleaner and the squeaky noise hase gone :Smile:
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    Thanks for this tip, worked a treat!