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    Hi, my name is Katie and I have a Honda accord, made 2000 I think.
    I've joined the forum to help solve a problem with my car. When I start off in the morning the power steering is very stiff and the car is very creaky and squeaky when turning. I bought some power steering fluid only to find that is is still full to upper level as recommended. Help?!
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    Hi Katie,
    Do you have 2 issues?
    1) power steering is stiff only the first minutes after start up
    2) the car is always very creaky and squeaky? (This means you hear noise when cornering every time?)
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    Hi and welcome to the forum, Katie
    If your problem is only when cold, it is more likely to be worn seals, they take a bit of time to warm and swell up. You could try an additive for the steering fluid that helps swell the seals in the power steering system.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Katie New Member Getting Started

    Yes, exactly that, but I don't understand why the steering fluid is still full

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    Sure, but will that work even if power steering fluid level is still at upper limit? Thanks for your help.
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    Katie, is the car new to you or have you had it while ?

    If you had it for a while and not had to top up the fluid and you can't see any signs of leakage then it would appear as though the power steering pump has had some internal failure.

    Best get it into a reputable garage and see what they can find.

    Be prepared for a rack replacement.