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    Jazz owners with T grade spec or EX spec cars with factory fitted sat nav unit here is a handy link for you guys

    Link: Honda Accessories Car and Motorcycle

    Copying contents of the link in case its removed from Honda

    Honda’s Solid State Drive (SSD) Navigation System
    Honda has added SSD (Solid State Drive) Navigation System to its Audio & Electronics range of accessories. The unit completes the Honda Genuine Accessories navigation line-up, sitting between the Compact and HDD Navigation units.In addition to optimal coverage, rapid route calculation and superb audio connectivity, the 8GB SSD Navigation System offers great value for Honda customers and additional business opportunities for dealers.
    The unit sits unobtrusively within the car’s dashboard and is linked to controls on the steering wheel. It is available with an optional rear view camera to assist parking and has been extensively tested to meet Honda’s exacting quality standards.With no soldering or wire-cutting required, dealers will appreciate the fast and easy-fitting characteristics of Honda’s SSD Navigation System. Customers, meanwhile, will enjoy the wide variety of functions and its great blend of versatility and value.


    On The Right Road
    As a premium satellite navigation system, Honda’s SSD unit offers a standard map which conveniently includes locations of all Honda dealers across Europe and beyond – just in case the customer needs something from Honda in a hurry.Honda’s SSD Navigation is available in two versions: one European and one Russian. The European unit automatically provides satellite map coverage in 33 European countries with voice guidance naturally built-in and available in nine languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Danish. For the Russian version, there are two voice options – Russian and English.There’s also an SD card slot for updates to existing maps or the unit’s own operating system.

    Let Honda Entertain You
    Of course, the SSD Navigation System is not just a navigation system. The unit incorporates an in-built CD mechanism to integrate fully with the car’s stereo system. For those who prefer to be entertained via their MP3 player, there is USB connectivity, which includes iPod® control.


    SolidStateSecurity And Safety

    When it’s disconnected, Honda’s SSD Navigation System can be accessed only through a unique, anti-theft security code chosen by – and known only to – the customer.Honda’s own safety programme includes interior projection tests on the SSD unit, which ensure that no injuries will be sustained by driver or passengers due to splintered displays, projecting buttons or sharp edges.As well as being sleek and sophisticated, it’s a robust unit, too, able to withstand temperatures from -40˚C to 90˚C and Honda’s own exceptionally high engineering standards mean it’s built to last.

    PDF docs

    Navigation and Audio leaflet

    Bluetooth compatibility

    Troubleshoot [EN]

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    Nice. I wish I had the SSD navigation because there's so many new roads up here that the CD version is unfortunately out of date.
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    Let's just hope it isn't too long before they have SSD's across the range.
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