Electrical & Lights Stalk Adaptor Steering Interface for After-Market Head Unit

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    I have a Honda FR-V-1.8ES 2009 which was originally fitted with the single CD stereo.

    I've recently replaced the Honda Original Stereo with a Kenwood head Unit. I did purchase the harness adaptor which was a Connects2 CTSHO001. However, this had the wrong type of connectors.

    I'm now using a PC2-68-4 which links the Honda wiring to the Kenwood ISO connectors but doesn't do the steering wheel controls. Has anyone found anything that does the job? I think that an Autoleads PC99-X60 might be okay because that has the same connector type and is for a CR-V, but don't want to fork out again on something that is wrong.

    I've found a few posts on this forum talking about not wanting to remove the dash to get the stereo out. I got a set of drawings from the local Honda Dealer, and whilst it wasn't that simple, it wasn't a complete nightmare. The biggest pain is getting out the metal bracket which supports the centre dash cup-holder, but apart from that it was all fine.


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    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum.

    That's quite an informative post. Would you be able to do a full DIY Guide thread ? If it helps we do a monthly DIY Guide of the Month award :Smile:
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    Cheers SpeedyGee. I'd be happy to do that once I've got the steering interface sorted. In the meantime the hunt continues........

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    Hi OP,

    Did you buy the double din adapter from your Honda dealer?

    Have you got any pics of it fitted please?

    Have you changed the speakers too? If so how easy were the door panels to remove?

    Did you get charged for the diagram?

    I've just bought an 05 plate SE FR-V and would be very interested in seeing a DIY guide as my stereo or speakers are either rubbish or faulty as the sound distorts at normal listening volumes!

    I have just started a thread about my problem, but I am going to have to do something soon or later as we love listening to music in the car!
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    Sorry for doing a Lord Lucan. My car was rear-ended at a roundabout a couple of weeks ago and is being repaired at the moment (new tailgate and bumper). Yes, I got the double-din adaptor and mounting chassis from Blade Honda Gloucester. 77255-SJD-003 for the chassis and 77251-SJT-003ZA for the double-din adaptor. You can get them from any Honda Dealer- they just import them from The Honda Logistics Centre in Belgium- takes 1-2 days. Ain't cheap though!

    I finally sorted out the wiring harness with the aid of a multimeter. The Connects2 CTSHO001 stalk adaptor had the right electronics, just the wrong connectors and so I used a standard PC2-68-4 ISO adaptor and soldered the CTSHO001 wires into that to pick up the Batt/+12VACC and Earth Cables and then nicked the connector out of the old stereo to use to connect to the green connector for the steering wheel cabling. If anyone can tell me how to put a spreadsheet (.xls) file into a post then I've got the wiring details in there together with photos of the connectors. I also have some photos of the fitted unit which I can post at the same time. Can't be bothered now because it's too late!

    The original Single CD Head Unit was knackered and I took it into Honda to get it removed and returned under warranty. On removal the mechanic found it full of coins (£2.57 to be precise) obviously posted through the CD slot by the previous owner (or more likely his kids unless he was mad) and so that was the warranty repair up the spout. Anyway the mechanic was kind enough to show me how to remove the head unit and most if it is dead easy, you just have to do a big of jiggling with the front cup holder bracket to get it out the way. The silver trim around the air-con controls is REALLY easy to remove. Just open the door of the front pocket and give it a good yank- just held in by clips.

    Once you've got your new double-din adaptor and chassis installed there is shed loads of space to squirrel away the wiring etc. I mounted my connectors onto the bottom of the chassis so that I could easily get to them by removing the air-con surround trim withe the stereo still in place. I would strongly recommended screwing your new head unit into the chassis otherwise it won't be secure. Normally you're relying on folding out the metal fingers of the stereo chassis sleeve around the fascia trim and then clicking the head unit into that- but that's not as good and since the double-din frame is hard plastic I would be nervous about all that weight snapping it or something.

    I didn't replace my speakers and they do vibrate a bit if you amplifier the low frequencies too much using your equaliser/bass boost/loudness setting.

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    Sorry to hear about your accident. Last year my Alfa GTV was written off in a relative minor accident. Getting it all sorted is a pain.

    I look forward to seeing your pictures. I hadn't thought about the steering wheel controls, but they seem pretty important considering the distance the head unit is from the driver!

    What colour is your dash. Mine is the piano black trim, and after reading this:
    Honda FR-V - double DIN frame for after market head units
    it seems there are different part numbers depending on the trim colour.

    I know it is too late, but there was a FR-V multi CD stereo with carbon effect trim that has just failed to sell for £50 twice on eBay! I would have bought it myself, but if I am right the facelift models have a different stereo connector.

    It looks like an expensive do to get this all done, but I am tempted as it's only the stereo letting our new FR-V down! A built in sat nav would be nice too! :Whistle:

    Thanks for your update! :Smile:
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    Baba job could you explain more detail on what wires need to be connected for the steering wheel adapter to work, thats if you still remember because this thread is 2 years old lol
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    Firstly, welcome @Myles-Brown to HK, please pop along to the introduction page and say a few words about yourself and your car.

    The OP has not logged on here for almost 2 years so I doubt you will get a response directly from him
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    Hello, I have now updated some information to my profile, shame the user hasn't used this forum site for a while would of been helpful knowing how to make an adapter for the steering wheel controls as Honda haven't released the adapter for this car yet. I doubt they will now as it's a discontinued car.