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    Just wondering but if you've got this and have been having a blast down some A roads or something and then come to some lights and the engine cuts out, isn't this bad for the turbo seals as the cooling oil flow will stop?
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    I imagine it wouldn't be good but then again having ethanol in fuel isn't good for an engine. Most car manufacturers only care that their cars last the warranty period because most of the public treat them as a disposable item that gets replaced every few years.
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    Get ready @Ichiban is coming :Laughing:

    There's a threads covering this already I believe.
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    In my opinion I hate the technology and think its the biggest waste of time and money ever. Although Fifth Gear did an article on its benefits a little while back driving a French car around, granted it did more MPG, but IMHO it wasnt that great as half the time the car restarted itself because the battery got low on charge.

    I also think the system Ford use on their Transit vans is terrible, it only works half the time and its annoying trying to quickly pull away from a junction as the engine has to restart etc. That and the Transit is the biggest gutless turd I have ever driven!