Engine & Gearbox Starting Issues

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    Hi, I'm at my wits end trying to find the source of the problem my Accord has. Its a 2007 CTDI, and with reasonably high mileage (115000), but has been fantastic - regularly serviced ECT. 2 Weeks ago it would't start after having a run down the motorway for an hour (RAC called and they used some 'quick start' and it fired into life). Anyway, when I got home - I booked her in for a full service and asked for a fuel line clean and new filter, and fair amount of impurities were extracted, and the car has been fine until today. The car wants to start (will turn over ECT) but won't fire, until you pump the clutch pedal and dab the execrator?

    I don't use supermarket Diesel, and the garage I use have done a complete diagnostic check and have found no recorded faults? Also when the car is running - its as sweet as a nut, no issues what so ever!

    Can anybody help or point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks
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    Probably wrong but any chance it could be related to the fuel tank itself? I mind telling my uncle that i thought these fuel cleaning products were a waste of time as diesel stripped my EGR value to a mirror finish. But he mentioned something about how fuel tanks can accumulate a sand like silt in them and came across many in his time and these cleaners can help sort this. Just a thought!
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    Did the garage use a genuine Honda fuel filter?
    Also how old is your battery?
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    Sorry, battery is 2 years old but is also showing its holding a full charge
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    Battery sounds ok then.
    What about fuel filter is it genuine honda part?