Off-Topic Stealing Speed - The Biggest Spy Scandal in Motorsport History

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    Just reading this week MCN and came across this scandal and has really intrigued me to buy the hard copy and read it over the hols.

    The article in MCN is so fascinating it has all the halls marks of making a cracking movie. It a story how Suzuki stole MZ two stroke technology to make world class beaters in GP racing.

    Stealing Speed paperback : The Biggest Spy Scandal in Motorsport History: Mat Oxley: Books

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    Now available in paperback, this highly acclaimed book tells the compelling story of how one of Japan's biggest motorcycle manufacturers stole a Nazi rocket scientist's engine secrets from behind the Iron curtain to conquer the world. In 1961, with the Cold War at its height, East German motorcycle manufacturer MZ was using World War II rocket technology to win Grands Prix, only for rider Ernst Degner to defect and sell the secrets to Suzuki, while his wife and children were drugged and smuggled through the Berlin Wall. The following year Suzuki and Degner made history by winning the world title. Branded a traitor by the communists, Degner suffered horrific injuries in a fiery racing accident and died in mysterious circumstances.