Suspension, Steering and Brakes steering feels abit heavy.

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by Harvey, Thursday 31st Dec, 2015.

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    My Accord is a daily driver, so when something doesn't feel right I tend to know about it.
    This however is abit of a wierd one, and could just be me being paranoid.

    It started Christmas day. I drove up to my mums (70 miles) and parked up, it stayed parked all day, half on kerb. Mum wanted running to the stables to do her horse, so I drove her car as she had been drinking. No issues. It wasn't until I got in my car to drive home that I thought the steering seemed abit heavy and a tad sluggish, but put that down to driving a different car.

    However it's been like that since and I can't seem to shake the feeling something isn't right. I have jacked the car up, can't find any play in the steering, checked tyre pressure and pumped up accordingly. Haven't spotted any leaks, but can't really tell with all the rain we have had lately and the fluid level hasn't gone down since I changed it (with genuine honda PSF)
    I haven't hit anything, nor do I bounce up and down kerbs to have bent something.

    Am I being paranoid or could there be something wrong ?
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    Tyre conditions and air pressure all good ?

    Does the steering make any odd noises as you turn it ?

    When you look inside the power steering bottle with the car on, can you see that it is being pumped around ?

    Any air bubbles being made in the fluid (is it frothing up) ?
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    Tyre pressure was the first thing I checked, all pumped up and conditions all good.

    No odd noises when turned and the belt is tight.
    And there are no bubbles in the reservoir.
    Power steering bottle level all good. I think it's spinning around ever so slightly indicating the pump is working. Level is good.
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    Has the weather hit any extremes round your ends?

    I do find the Accord steering really really heavy after driving modern cars with superlight electric steering, even the clutch feels heavy, but it's something that wears off after a couple of hours or days depending on how long you spend driving another car.
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    That could have been what it is @exec . I've driven the car to Bridgnorth today to photograph the steam trains and probably could have hooked up with @Zebster while there. Car was driving fine, but I've noticed it can feel a little notchy at times particularly near the centre of the wheel, but suspect that's the pressure valve inside the pump.
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    I'm always up for a mini-meet in a local hostelry!
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    Aye, or coffee house. Or some where that serves bacon butties
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    seems all fine, pumps working
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    Seems I may have been experiencing more than one issue, which would contribute to the steering problem I've been experiencing,

    I had a sticking front passenger side brake caliper on my car and I have noticed that one wheel was always dirtier than the other three as a result of this. Today I went to the scrap yard and spied a CG8/9 saloon (didnt check engine size) Automatic and got the front caliper from it. It was in good shape and was thus fitted to my car. brakes have always been good on this, even with a sticking caliper.

    So far all is good now,
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