Engine & Gearbox Steering knock

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    So, the old girl has had a slight leak from the O/S of the rack for over a year and a small knock I couldn't find. Then the N/S started leaking too and the knock started getting worse. Now neither were bad, I only topped the power steering fluid up once in the last 10-12 months. Were all going away in a couple of days and this was playing on my mind now so I booked her in with my local garage for a reconditioned rack and a few other bits as I don't fancy doing it on my back with axel stands.
    Got her back, leak free and the knock has gone too! I'm very pleased the knock was the rack and nothing else.
    Also, it wasn't as expensive as I was expecting. :cool:
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    Nice to hear a good result.
    If you recommend the garage its always good to here also.
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    Hi, the garage I used was drydock garage in tilbury docks, Essex.
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    The knock from the steering could be the pinion which gets lose on the rack you do have adjustment to push the Teflon stay to take that play which reduces the knock.

    Down side is the steering will become heavier thou.