Suspension, Steering and Brakes Steering Tracking Issue

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    Hi -

    hope I'm not spamming, just makes sense to create separate threads for each of my queries...

    So the tracking on my Honda Accord I-DTEC EX GT seems to be giving me problems.

    Issue: Steering Wheel is turning slightly to the Right in order for the car to remain driving straight.
    Resolution: ??
    I've had the car tracked when I bought it several months ago at Elite Direct (received poor service by the way...) where there seemed to be only a minor improvement and it cost me £60!. I wasn't satisfied with the alignment so I returned the car to be checked - after a big huff the rep agreed but then after the check stated that my front left tyre was close to legal lint on thread - so that may be the likely cause of the steering issue.

    Anyway, I had some more time left on the tyre and eventually had it replaced by Honda (front pair) and then asked for the car to be re-traked as the steering was the same! After tracking at Honda which I would assume get it perfect (and they honestly tried their best - great service) but it wasn't.

    I now suspect that my rear tyres, non-factory spec but with good thread remaining are the culprits.

    What do you think? I would like to change them to factory spec tyres like the fronts (which are nice and lower profile than the current rears) to see if it will improve the steering alignment somehow but I don't necessarily need new tyres just yet - but the handling is a bit pants with that type of steering - and a bit wobbly at the rear but only slightly - ahhhh!

    Just after your opinions guys, wanted to get this annoying choice outta' my head and on the table.

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    all honda cars tend to be camber sensitive. very few roads are perfectly level curb to curb and esentualy would look like the side view of a road hump if you were to cut a cross section. when driving on the left (as you do in the uk lol) the left tyres are in a rut and the car wants to pull to the left. when safe to do so, drive dead centre in the middle of the road and see if the steering improves. tyres do have a massive say in steering feel etc but make sure the preasures are spot on allso. i have not heard of annother 8th Generation accord with tracking issues up to now so its not a common fault. let us know how you get on