Suspension, Steering and Brakes Steering wheel juddering

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    Good morning all, I am new to this fantastic forum and would like to apologise in advance for my ignorance ! I have a 2007 diesel tourer with 53,000 miles on the clock. It is a fantastic car, the first honda but best car that I have ever owned. The only thing that has gone wrong with it has been a driver's door window failing, repaired under warranty.
    Over the last few days the steering has started juddering and there is considerable movement particularly if you take both hands off the steering wheel at low speed. In addition there is an occasional squeaking noise coming from the front end. I was going to take it into Fleet Autoway Honda to have it looked at but thought I would post on here first.
    I am afraid that I am not mechanically minded !
    Best wishes and thanks again,
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    Welcome to AOC Charles.

    Congrats on finding a fantastic car and a fantastic forum :Smile:

    Juddering steering wheel can be caused by a number of things including :-

    1) Damaged tyres or wheels
    2) Faults with the suspension such as ball joints or tie rod end etc
    3) Wheel alignment/balance

    Hmm probably missed a couple out there.

    Best get it checked someone, please do report back the result.
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    Thank you Sir, I will report back.
    Best wishes