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    We celebrate the life of Stephanie Eggum and her incredible accomplishments as we get a little history on this history-maker.

    At 32, Stephanie Eggum had done more than most twice her age. A trained skydiver and later professional drag racer, Eggum went on to be the first to eclipse the 7-second mark in a FWD Honda, resulting in her becoming the world's quickest and fastest—a record that, years later, is yet to be broken. Eggum's interest in drag racing began in 2001 following a skydiving accident that inadvertently resulted in her spending more time with her father who shared a similar interest and whose friend piloted a Pro Mod dragster. Once exposed, Eggum was sold and soon embarked on her own racing career. The thrill of jumping out of airplanes never left her, though. Her dream to skydive into the staging lanes where she'd re-suit and take control of her Civic dragster was often talked about between herself and her crew chief, Jeromie Hicks. Eggum died earlier this year doing what she loved almost as much as racing—skydiving—as the result of a chute that failed to open, but her record-setting history lives on. The following is a conversation with her crew chief and friend, Jeromie Hicks.

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