General StepWGN: road salt all over engine and bay

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    Hi. One of my recent issues is that I have road salt all over the top of the engine. I've tried to show it in the first couple of pics. There doesn't seem to be much of an undertray below the engine, just a short plastic section about 15cm wide at the front of the bay. Maybe one has been left off by a garage?
    Anyway, I didn't think this should throw salt up right to the top of the engine, so I think the cause is that there is no 'rubber' seal (or anything) on the underside of the bonnet. I've tried to show this in the third pic. My previous car had a seal here to meet the slam panel. Is this a JDM thing because they don't use salt, or am I missing a seal?
    There might also be holes to locate a seal up the sides of the bonnet, on to the top of the headlights. Needless to say, I don't have anything there either. I pity the poor engine...goodness knows how long the ancillaries will last coated in salt.

    If anyone could take peek at theirs to let me know what they've got, I'd be grateful. I think I should have some sound insulation, too, but I can cut and stick matting on there. How I'm going to get a seal that fits, I don't know.

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    Ireland Zack Kilkenny
    There are a few bits of gasket/insulation etc. on the 24SZ RG3/4 that aren't on most of the other versions. One being an insulation for under the bonnet part no 74141-SLJ-N00.
    The clips are 91501-STK-003

    In all honesty mine has some spay through the radiator in really bad conditions but nothing like your pictures. I'll have a look tomorrow to see if there is any gasket on the bonnet. The under-tray runs from the front just to the front of the oil pan and wraps around the sides under the belt area/transmission on either side. If you look down between the intake and radiator you can't see ground. Looks like 1482372058906.

    When you get a chance get some photos up and put it in the club garage it would be nice to have a few more StepWGN's here, it will also show up in the signature so we all know which one you have.
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    That was really helpful, thank you. The parts catalogue mentions "bonnet insulator" which might be the sound insulation I'm missing, and a "rear seal", but no other seals. I do have a rubber seal at the back of the engine bay to seal between the bonnet and the windscreen wiper duct, so maybe I have all the seals? Very strange!
    I've learnt, what seems to me, quite a bit in the last few weeks about the 3rd Generation StepWGN, and I'm a bit surprised at how little information there is out on the Internet about it (in English). At some point I'll try to write it up in a Google spreadsheet, so everyone can use it and add to it: there ought to be more StepWGNs on the roads. One of the reasons I chose it over a V6, or a CVT, was its relative simplicity because over complexity seems to write modern cars off before they've worn out. The similar Odysseys seem to clock up 200k Miles quite easily.

    I'll get put some photos up when I can take some suitably anonymous pictures.
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    Ireland Zack Kilkenny
    There is a bit around about it mainly in Japanese or Russian, but there is also an active Stepwgn page on Facebook, usually very helpful, Honda Stepwgn Club UK, that covers all generations but there are a good few 3rd Generation owners there as well.

    They do seem to be well built cars I'm at 125k miles and other than a belt tensioner needing replacing its only been regular maintenance. The doors have given some people issues and the middle roller does wear out eventually so take it easy on the mechanisms especially if electric. Glass and suspension parts are difficult to source but can be got just not that quickly. The engine is very similar to the 8th Generation Accord, transmission 2WD CR-V, brakes in the front shared with several models, rears Odyssey or JDM cars, Stream, Crossroad and a few others.

    If your wanting something off Rakuten or Yahoo auctions Japan I've had very good luck using as a proxy buyer.

    A few good places that I've found for reference although not in English,
    みんカラ - 車・自動車SNS - ブログ・パーツ・整備・燃費
    Honda|ステップ ワゴン(2006年4月終了モデル)

    For parts,

    Last but not least your local Honda parts department can be helpful and always worth a check, more so in the UK than here in Ireland many just tell you they can't get the part number/part or show you the door. They won't even take the car in for anything other than recall work.