ICE & HFT Stereo Code

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    Good morning,

    Following on from my thread about removing my front centre seat which has stopped sliding.
    If I was to disconnect the battery will I need the stereo code as I'v looked in all the documentation provided but can't see one.
    The service Manual from when the car was purchased has all the details in the inside front cover but says 'unknown' for the stereo code.
    My 6th Generation Accord came with a card but the FR-V doesn't have one.
    Some of the CR-V's have the code on the inside of the glovebox or ashtray but I can't see a code anywhere.

    Any help much appreciated.
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    I used an app on my phone to get a radio code for my previous car free of charge..
    will have a look and see if I still have it.
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    the one I used would be no good, , was manufacturer specific. . and wasn't a honda :Frown:

    might be worth looking for one in the app store.
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    I've used them before to get codes for my old Peugeot 306.