ICE & HFT Stereo code

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    Thought you might find this useful.

    I needed the code for my 2002 CR-V manufacturer fitted stereo and didnt have it so went to the dealership,

    The very nice man took me back to my car and explained that there was no need to remove the stereo to get the serial number,

    With the ignition in position 2 and the stereo turned OFF press buttons 1 and 6 together and the serial number will show on the display... magic.

    With that info the nice man took me back into the office and 5 minutes later tapping on the computer he provided me with the code. the cost!!!


    What a nice Honda man :Smile:
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    That's a nice dealership, which one was that Jonc ? I paid a tenner at Avonvale Honda last year to recover a code.
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    Motorpark honda & mazda maidstone
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    Good stuff..reminder for members with lost radio codes.:Wink: