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    Hi folks

    Has anybody suffered with a sticking front panorama roof blind? The motor(s) power both back and front blinds work fine on the back (opens and closes), but it gets stuck on the front when opening the blind and you just have to tap it and 'whack' the blind retracts to match the back one! It goes with a really loud thwack too.

    Stuart Graham reckons its a common fault and is a really big job - roof lining out etc etc - surely soemone out there knows an easier solution.

    Can anyone help please.
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    I added a post to the link above a little while ago - further to that, I have managed to cure the problem by repeated applications of silicone spray - although I suspect that when the weather warms up it may not be so effective - or may require a re-application of the spray. I'll advise later in the year when we are basking in much as I like things to work properly, I'm not sure it's was worth £400 to fix (at least for me).