Official Honda Stoner Second in Britain

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    Silverstone, U.K. - Honda team-mates Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa shared the podium, while Alvaro Bautista made it three Hondas in the top four with a fighting ride to fourth at Silverstone.

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    It was a great race , shame Honda didn't win but still came 2,3 & 4th.

    Good to see a dry race for a change in sunny old England.
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    Matt Peterborough
    Was a good race. Nice to see it managed to stay dry after all the predictions of rain. Great ride by Cal Crutchlow to finish 6th. Unlucky he hasn't been on the podium this season yet, the British GP should have seen that happen but for his off (and injury) in the practice. I've definitely got him tipped for a championship in the next few years.
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    Cal was a superstar,true English bulldog spirit hats off to him from last on the grid to 6th fully laden with painkillers..Unbelievable

    Repsol Honda should bag him for Casey spot he is ready to be unleashed he READY for a works bike. I am not a fan of these CRT bike Moto GP is the pinnacle of motorcycling and it need to be prototype bikes.

    I can see the pros of CRT but come on it superbikes with different chassis that ridiculous.
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    Looks like a really exciting race. And, I'm sure Honda fans enjoyed this one a lot, especially those who could actually attend the event. Looking at the photos, i'm astonished how close they get to the road in these races. Seems very dangerous. But I guess that's part of the sport.