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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by copytron, Friday 29th Jul, 2016.

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    Ireland copytron Dublin
    Greetings from Ireland!
    Have my FR-V since last year, I really like the car design but have had a few problems that i never expected from a Honda. Maybe its a dirtbox but I still like it. Anyway that's the craic...

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    Hello @copytron and welcome to HondaKarma.
    What issues are you having with the FR-V?? We have plenty of very active FRVs around here so let us know and we will try and help as best as we can.
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    Welcome to HK @copytron
    Great to see your BE5 in the Club Garage and that's a smashing avatar:likeit:
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    Ireland copytron Dublin
    Hi guys,

    Have had problems with vibration in steering which never fully goes away even after four wheel balance, DMF had to be changed, I had leak in intercooler and I'll have to do drop links again soon. I really like the car but I guess it might be a bit of a lemon. I do all the work myself and don't mind but its going past a hobby.

    Thanks for the welcome
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    Have you had the driveshafts checked out.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @copytron :welcome:

    What's the mileage on the FR-V? It looks great btw. Did it come with a full Honda Service History?
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    Ireland copytron Dublin
    Hi SpeedyGee,

    I have they said its all good BUT I must stress that I have yet to find a decent mechanic in Dublin that I have any real trust in and they always claim "unusual car, never really worked on, blah blah..." so at this stage I just want to eliminate this vibration issue as although it's mild it makes me emotional which is unusual for a Vulcan.

    At this stage, I'm thinking of replacing inner CV joints. Might make a nice first DIY post if I don't make a flute of it! :crazyeyes:
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    Hi FirstHonda,

    115000miles (I've put on 15000miles) and yes full service. Its UK car I imported as its pretty much impossible to get an EX diesel model in Republic. I really the like car so I would like to get it right and keep for few years. Just get that steering shake out and I'd be happy enough. Balls
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