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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Dan_henderson86, Friday 28th Aug, 2015.

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    hi all. I can hear a strange noise coming from the engine bay ( I think it's from there ) as I set off from a stand still. I am unable to record the noise as my iPhone won't pick it up. We can only describe the noise as a gargling kind of noise. Any ideas on what it could be or am I just worrying for no reason ha. The timing belt is 10k over due and I'm worried the noise may have something to do with the fact it needs changing. ( it's getting booked in soon )
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    10k overdue? :shock: get that change ASAP. if it was me I wouldn't even drive it around as the risk of snapping is high.

    The noise might be the EPS pump, it makes all sorts of funny noises, it could also be something in the cooling system like thermostat.
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    might also (instead) have a head gasket problem, in which case the gargling would be air bubbles circulating in the coolant, the air bubbles are forced into the coolant from one cylinder where the head gasket has burned away