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    cut to the chase.

    I live in a council block, been here for 24 years off my life, no problems what so ever. within this year my car has been damaged like crazy and it gets tiring and annoying. i wake up to see scratches (key scratches and sometimes chipped off paint) all over my car, and now the windows have been keyed up. i am on the verge of calling up either MIB (motor insurance bureau or my insurance or whoever, whichever) and reporting the whole ESTATE and watching everyones premium go skyrocketing and posting a letter through everyones door.

    i have some plans for my car, but i am not about to go out and spend money on new carbon items and other expensive good stuff to watch it get keyed up.

    I have also thought about parking my car down the road (few 100 yards away from home)

    What do you guys think? 
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    Assume not flats and just a council estate ? 

    How about investing in some cctv aimed at your car so you can see which little ass wipes are doing it then take it further in which ever way pleases you most be it legal or not so legal.
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    CCTV, or a few late nights hiding in the bush

    just makesure you hide the bodies well :Wink:
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    Maplin do some good deals on cctv setups at the moment check them out mate
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    Some dash cams start recording the moment the car is touched even when engine is off.