Sub £1k Track Car - What would you choose?

Discussion in 'Track Talk' started by Turkish, Wednesday 13th Mar, 2013.

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    Exactly, once you get rid of the shitty mg one they are fine

    Mine has done about 50k since it was done and doesnt use a drop of oil or water

    The mg one did go at 25k though so it just shows how shite they are

    I was dubious about them before I got one, only got it because it was what the missus wanted and its her car

    Has actually been really reliable and havens had any major problems just an alternator

    But if you want a saxo for the track then it has to be this one;topicseen

    Bit more than a grand though !
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    I know there's an obvious difference in ability, but have you seen the difference between an M3 and an MX5 in a straight line? Just that alone should have been enough for the M3 to leave me around a track. And any car on R888s has more grip than a car on normal road tyres. So for the MX5 to make any attempt to keep up with a car that has more grip AND is a lot faster in a straight line, either I'm a driving God, or the MX5 can punch above its weight... And I don't like to big up my own driving, so I'm going with the latter.

    As for the Porsche, he let us past, yes, but we'd caught him in the first place...
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    I dusted a m3 round Cadwell in my 123d. Infact I lapped him in a 20minute session. Why?

    Because it was my 7th trip to Cadwell, and his first, plus he had nankangs. Lol.

    I'd never claim the 123d was as good or better than an m3.

    Track days are track days, not a race series, you can't use them to judge cars by. Unless your driving Both being compared.
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    More to the point wtf is the guy with an M3 doing putting nankangs on the car!
  5. Gary. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Probably having a giant laugh.
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    He wasn't drifting though, or I'd agree.

    My mate actually told him he should get some decent tyres, and he replied with. "but these were a bargain, 43quid each" lol, people amaze me.
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    I just literally went for a drive in a 172 Clio on a 51 plate. The kid just got it for £1100, FSH, new cambelt, new front tyres, new front brakes, full milltek system, induction kit. He got me to give it a drive to check a noise he was hearing!

    What a car, goes like :tut: and stuck like anything to the road!

    Buy a 172, I can imagine it would scare some bigger and better stuff on track and they weigh next to nothing in standard form!

    I'm looking for 1 as we speak
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    A 4th Generation Civic? My 4g what right laugh once stripped and a few basic mods, was only a twin carb 1.4, so obviously not quick, but I gave it quite a lot of abuse, and it never let me down once!

    As much as I hate them, a set up 106 is a fun car to abuse. And bits are cheap and readily available at scrap yards etc, so for a super cheap track car, not a bad choice.

    2nd Generation fiesta? Maybe with a zetec in or something?

    5th Generation fiesta zetec s?

    1st Generation mx5 as already suggested, but youl have to pick the right tracks to go to, otherwise, IMO youl get fed up with the lack of grunt, I certainly did with mine.

    3rd Generation golf gti?
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    vts all day long
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    I wish people would stop suggesting only Hondas because they're on a Honda forum!
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    I've only done 1 track day before, donny last year in a e36 328 on coilovers, was fun but tbh probably mainly because it was a new experiance to me however the car was ok, thing is there were a couple of 172's there and everytime i let one past ( fair few times) i found myself wanting one more and more! so quick through the corners, I've had a few 106 gti's to and for me much more fun than a b16 hatch on the road and i can imagine id have the same opinion if i drove the 2 on track aswell
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    One thing worth mentioning as we've all posted up cars but the most important thing is to get a car that you feel comfortable in, something that gives you confidence to go fast, it's no good having something that could be rapid but needs balls of steel to get it round the track flat out, I've found with some cars they might not be the last word in performance but they give you so much confidence to push them harder it makes it twice as fun, rather than feeling on edge all the time wondering if the car's going to spit you off at the next corner. Simple things like worn out suspension bushes can make a difference without you even realising.
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    If you feel like that you shouldn't be on a track
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    I'm not sure you read and understood ste's post.

    He's saying, don't buy something fast if you can't control it, and make sure bushes and stuff are in good condition.

    Infact, it's probably the most sensible post ste's ever made.
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    Almera GTi or MX5

    Either stripped out are weapons on track
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    Yeah but theres a huge difference between having confidence in a car, and the fact that the car can handle what its been put through.

    Just because you feel comfortable in a car doesn't mean it will perform miracles. I get his and your point however I have a mate who thinks just like that. We don't call him write off lew for no reason haha
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    Mike, you seem to think a track day is a race? It's not, you drive the car to yours and it's ability and have fun doing it.

    People that spend there time at track days concentrating on beating other cars, are the dangerous ones that shouldn't be there.