Engine & Gearbox Suspect Oil Pump Chain Failure.

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by mike101177, Friday 15th Mar, 2013.

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    Hi all,
    First post from me but have used the forums for information before and thanks for all the great advice.
    Bit about the car, 54plate 2.2 diesel, full service history 117k miles. Castrol 0-30w Fully synthetic oil always used and regularly checked.

    My Accord is sick, had the dreaded Oil pressure light come on yesterday so pulled over and got recovered by the AA, car is now sat at the garage awaiting inspection which they can't do until Tuesday.
    From reading the forums I think the Oil pump chain has let go on me with no warning. What I was hoping to find out is if it possible to view the Oil and Timing chains to see if this is the case. From looking at the workshop drawings on Lings parts website it appears that the Chain case is made up of 3 parts(top being part of the head cover, mid section and a lower almost semi-circular piece) please correct me if I'm wrong. Was hoping the garage might be able to just remove the lower case to take a look rather than spend lots of cash having it stripped down only to find she is destined for the scrap yard. Anyone done anything similar or have any advice?
    If in the best case scenario she needs all new chains etc what are the costs involved? as the car is probably not worth more than £3250. Am not sure how long the Oil light had been on before I noticed it so may be too late and all the crank bearings etc may have been damaged.
    Thanks Mike
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    you need the sump removing ime affraid to check the oil pump chain.
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    Ok thanks Bud.
    Have a feeling I should have stuck with the VTEC engines that I had in my previous 2 Hondas...what I have saved in fuel over 2 1/2years is going to cost me now me thinks!