Service & Maintenance SvRS Service Codes for the Jazz\Fit Hybrid GP1

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    SvRS codes for the Jazz Hybrid GP1, a very cool car :Wink:

    Symbol Maintenance Items
    A Replace engine oil and oil filter
    B Check front and rear brakes
    Check brake pad and disc thickness. Check for damage.
    Check calipers for damage, leaks, and tightness.
    Check parking brake adjustment
    - Check the number of clicks (6 to 8) when parking brake lever is pulled with 196 N (20 kgf, 44 lbf) of force.
    Inspect tie-rod ends, steering gearbox, and boots
    Check steering linkage.
    Check boots for damage and leaking grease.
    Inspect suspension components
    - Front
    - Rear
    Check bolts for tightness.
    Check all dust covers for deterioration and damage.
    Inspect driveshaft boots
    Check boot and boot bands for cracks.
    Check boots for leaking grease.
    Inspect brake hoses and lines including ABS/VSA lines
    - Check master cylinder and ABS/VSA modulator-control unit for damage or leakage.
    Inspect all fluid levels and condition of fluids
    Engine coolant
    Brake fluid
    Windshield washer fluid
    Inspect exhaust system
    - Check catalytic converter heat shields, exhaust pipes, and muffler for damage, leaks, and tightness.
    Inspect fuel lines and connections
    - Check for loose connections, cracks, and deterioration; retighten loose connections and replace damaged parts.
    Inspect tyre condition
    Check expiration date for temporary tyre repair kit bottle (if equipped)
    Test drive (noise, stability, dashboard operation)
    Check lights alignment
    - Check the position of headlights.
    Inspect vehicle corrosion: refer to the Body Repair Manual
    - If the symbol B appears before one year has passed, inspect for the vehicle corrosion every year.
    External Paintwork and Panel Corrosion Check
    Under Body Corrosion Check

    Number Maintenance Items
    1 Replace dust and pollen filter
    If the vehicle is driven mostly in areas that have high concentrations of dust, pollen, or soot in the air, replace every 20,000 km (12,500 miles) or every year.
    Replace filter whenever airflow from the heating and air conditioning system is less than normal.
    Inspect drive belt
    - Look for cracks and damage, then check the position of drive belt auto-tensioner indicator.

    2 Replace CVT fluid
    We recommend genuine Honda CVTF.
    Driving in mountainous areas at very low vehicle speeds results in higher transmission temperatures. This requires transmission fluid changes more frequently than recommended by the service reminder system.
    Capacity: 2.8 L (3.0 US qt, 2.5 Imp qt)

    3 Replace fuel filter
    Inspect idle speed
    Replace spark plugs
    - Use DILFR6J11 (NGK).

    4 Replace engine coolant
    We recommend genuine Honda All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2.
    Capacity (including the reservoir): 4.56 L (1.205 US gal, 1.003 Imp gal)

    5 Replace brake fluid
    Use only DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid. We recommend genuine Honda Brake Fluid.
    Check brake fluid level is between upper and lower marks on the reservoir.

    6 Replace air cleaner element
    - If the vehicle is driven in dusty conditions, replace every 30,000 km (18,750 miles).

    7 Inspect valve clearance
    Intake: 0.15-0.19 mm (0.0059-0.0075 in)
    Exhaust: 0.24-0.28 mm (0.0094-0.0110 in)