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    Ok I know I have asked a similar question before and I have lost the route to the thread that contained the self-reset instructions but can you tell me what happens if you reset the SvRS once a service items has been corrected, does this reset the entire system or just the code being shown?

    I ask because up until last week my system was counting down the days from my last service to the next and it was based on days to an oil change (~320days). Now it show 6700 miles before I need to change my air filter (code 8). So in 6700 miles I change my air filter and reset the system, does my system still know that I should change my oil in say ~5-6 months time or will it reset also back to 12 months (360days)? Or would you expect to do a full service at the same time as changing the air filter? I hope I have explained myself ok!!

  2. TheDarkKnight Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    SvRS variates depending on driving style.

    When reset, it should default to 360 days. Then it will adjust again depending how you drive that determines when it next needs servicing etc. :Thumbup:
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    Ok, thanks.

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    My 8th gen Accord I have noticed the SvRS changing from mileage countdown to service schedule mode based on my driving and usage pattern.

    The more I uses the car it goes to mileage countdown and the less it reverts to the codes .For example if I doesn’t drive for say 3 weeks it goes it swaps over. I won’t be overly concerned as the system is determining the usage pattern and accordingly reporting which is intelligent in my humble opinion.