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    Hi guys, for some reason some one has taken out the bulbs from behind the switches, not all of them but most of them, the bulbs are on long plastick holders so will have to get some more. I have also noticed that when I have my lights on and put on the car heating the digital display dims, is this normal?, once again guys thanks for all you help. For some reason there is a spoiler on the boot lide with a brake lite in it (but not working) but there is also a high level brake lighte on the parcel shelf, has any one seen the combination before?.
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    Hi Bri my time with Honda India gave me a lot of insight to strange problems like you have, in Cyrus and India you have micro fine dust which gets everywhere and no amount of cleaning will remove it. In hot countries the aircon is moving lot of air volume internally and if you have windows rolled down well it free for all.

    to get the dash light brighter you need new parts you can't clean the internals clean to get bright illumination, in blighty we don't have just harsh conditions this will take over 15 years to replicate what can be achieved in one year your end.

    Where was this car original imported to? as the local authorities may have disabled a few feature to pass the local testing , being a JDM they do it in UK they leave it apart from the standard SVA and how old the car is. You can get bulbs and see what it does.

    Yes a very Asian and Oceania Honda access set up. the car have standard high level light in the rear parcel shelf and the spoiler being an accessory is a direct plugin into the harness you could find replacement LEDs for the spoiler. Get pictures of it and sure can find the repalcement. :Thumbup: