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    I'm justs wondering about upgrading the stereo system on my 55 plate ICTDI. I currently have a fairly bog standard version (type b or c i think) just has radio, single cd. Am I able to just bolt on the ex system with satnav if i were to purchase a second hand one? Also are there any after market systems that would be worth looking at as well? If anybody has done anything similar in the past I'd love to know how easy/hard it was.
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    Whilst the sat nav system will fit into the dash, you will need many other components in addition to the head unit.
    There is a DVD ROM control unit for the sat nav data disc, sat nav sensor...
    In theory it may be possible. Probably not worth doing though.

    If you search through the 7th Generation posts you will find some info.

    You may be better off with an XcarLink adaptor to play iPod/iPhone, MP3 or SD card
    HONDA :: XCarLink

    A number of members have done this.
    "xcarlink" MP3 Unit Install • Honda Karma
    It's pretty straight forward.
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