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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bruce Selkirk, Wednesday 5th Nov, 2014.

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    Unit Cornwall
    Hi Honda fans,
    I don't usually join "web clubs" or write reams of stuff, but I've been so impressed with the information and help posted by the Karma club that I thought I'd take the time to give a bit of feedback ......

    My well-loved Tourer has suffered from tailgate problems for many years - the raise option on my key fob has been out of action for at least 5 years after grandson found the facility! I was quoted £1730 + diagnostics to fix the problem by my local agent so I put the fixing "on hold", just using exterior latch/handle to get in & out. However, the tailgate recently jammed completely and key, fob button or handle didn't unlock or operate the door (had to use the standard Big Stick from the inside). A quick web search found your site and the great information it contains so went thru' some suggested procedures including big clean up of fluff and carpet in lock mechanism and tailgate surround. I believe the culprit was a prickly outer casing of beech seed (beech mast I believe it's called) stuck to the underside of the tailgate, out of sight; so when I forced the tailgate shut, the ECU took offence. Re-setting the ECU did the trick -everything now works!.

    To cut a long story short, I've found the Karma site, the advice and general ethos excellent - nice to see a bit of selfless enthusiasm and concern for fellow car owners - it must take an age to read about problems, upload the advice and monitor things on the site. It's just a shame that the agents don't seem to share this same ethos; makes one a bit cynical of Honda and "big business". Sorry to end on a gripe but some folk (such as the northern lady suffering with tailgate problems mentioned in the advice) may not have access or skills to avoid the needless costs that the agents pile on them to fix fairly minor problems. Also, how much human endeavour is wasted and perfectly fine parts end up in land-fill?

    Apologies for the long rant but your site (and saving upwards of £1800 for a morning's work!) has given this ol' boy a huge lift. Please use my story to help others if you can - details of "what I did" available on request (but basically followed the advice set out in the Karma website).
    Best wishes, Unit of Cornwall.
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    Hi Bruce. Welcome to HK and thanks for the story and info. I'm sure it will help someone else.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Hi and welcome to HK @Bruce Selkirk. :welcome: Really pleased you've managed to fix the tailgate on your Tourer. Happy days.:Icecream:
    Yes, it does take me a fair old chunk of time, but then I go through every post.
    We'd love to see some photographs of you tourer if you have time.
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    @Bruce Selkirk , welcome to Honda Karma and thank you for your kind words. It does take a lot of effort to keep things running but its worth it when we get kind feedback such as yours.

    I hope that we can see your car in our garage and hear a bit more about her.

    As for saving money, I saved almost £2000 by replacing my VSA module myself after getting it reconditioned. My cost - £200 compared to Honda's £2200 for the same job.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Bruce Selkirk :Hey:

    Pleased to hear that the HK site helped you fix your boot issue.

    Please to hang about. Upload you car to the Club Garage, we love to see peoples cars.
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    Welcome to HK @Bruce Selkirk :welcome:

    Pleased to hear you sorted your tailgate problem.

    Were all glad to help each other here. I am by no means an expert in anywhere near the same level of some of the others on here but nevertheless we all try to help everyone else wherever we can. After all....:sparta:

    :garage:Would love to see and hear more about your tourer.
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    Welcome to the club Unit, glad to hear we've helped you out. We all have our concerns regarding Honda UK and the franchise dealerships licensed to them, it's very hit and miss at times, hence why you'll find members here preaching to use particular groups and avoid others. Feel free to upload some shots of your car to the club garage and make yourself at home :Smile:
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    Belated welcome to the club