Pre-Facelift Model Tailgate doesnt lock and won't central lock using key fob

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Pedro1, Sunday 14th Aug, 2016.

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    Seen a few posts on other forums saying that disconnecting/reconnecting battery may help. Could the central lock issue be significant or just due to fact that tailgate has to latch to complete the lock? Lastly any way to manually lock the boot in the case of a locking moter problem(some of the dealer quotes on tailgate issues made me feel rather sick).
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    Should have also mentioned that the tailgate also doesnt lift or close using the fob' and the tailgate button also doesnt work (doesnt light up either which im pretty sure it used to do) so wondering if it could be a fuse?
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    If the mechanism in the tailgate handle is working when you open the tailgate using the handle on the outside, and also when you close the tailgate manually, then disconnecting the battery for about half an hour should fix it.

    If the mechanism isn't working at all i.e. it doesn't even operate when you use the handle on the outside, then there is probably a broken wire in the hinge at the top (a fairly common fault over time). If you need more info on this issue there are a couple of useful threads somewhere, I can find them if you want :Wink:
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    If the outer handle is jammed the tailgate will not close as the sender is sending the wrong signal the latch is in the locked potion of locked , so unfreeze it by spraying wd40 on the hinges and then use some white grease for good protection.
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    Thanks all. Disconnected battery and fuses. Reconnected after 5 mins and now works, except for key fob close / tailgate button close which gets all the way down, bleeps three times and re-opens which suggests a sensor issue? (that i can live with). If i manually close using outer handle the catch works fine.