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    Hi Guys

    Slight intermittent issue with my tailgate on my tourer, seems the very slightly warmer weather makes the problem a little worse.

    When I hit the open tailgate button on the key I get the usual beep to say its opening but on some occasions it unlatches opens about 1-2inches then beeps twice and closes again. If I give the tailgate a gentle helping hand after its just opened an inch it opens fine with no more assistance from me. It doesn't always do this and once I have operated the tailgate a couple of times its usually fine for the rest of the day. Leave it over night and it gets stuck again in the morning.
    Its worse if the car is parked with the nose down hill so gravity is against the tailgate also.

    Does this suggest the tailgate struts are knackered?

    its almost as if in the morning or after a period of not being used, it hasn't got the power to make the initial start of the lift of the tailgate but once its going its fine and it always shuts no problem. I've cleaned all around the tailgate rubbers and lubed the hinges with some spray grease to no effect

    I had some of the trim off and couldn't see anything. I did have a go at undoing one of the struts from the mechanism but the mounting bolt is seized solid. any tips for removing it without rounding the bolt off completely?

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    Make sure the outer handle on the tailgate is not jamming its that simple. 8th Generation Tourer EX model fixed this issue by using a push button which is encased.
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    ah ok I'll give it a clean and lube. never checked the outer handle... and it never even occurred to me to. Cheers! I'll report back