Electrical & Lights Tailgate stuttering

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    Just purchased my 04 Accord CDTI and very happy with it. I do however have a nagging fault with the tailgate. Using the key fob to open it I notice that the tailgate goes through the motions of trying to open but after a few seconds it gives up. I open the tailgate by hand which is not that easy as I have to assist it all the way up. When using the power close button again it goes through the motions but more often than not it will not close. I suspect that the gas struts are weak and may need replacing which I am happy to do, is there something that I could try before putting my hand in my pocket ? If I have to, where is the best place to buy new replacements ?
    Apologies if there is already a thread on the same subject.
    Thanks in anticipation...
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    I would concur with your findings on paper that your gas struts are weak. But please do have a look for a thread which may give you insight to other aspects which may cause the tailgate to malfunction.

    Once you have exhausted all those you may have to get the gas struts replaced diesel and petrol tourer struts are different parts.