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    Hi everyone. I have been looking for an accord for a while now as always liked them and had a Civic before and was very reliable. But when I bought it I have taken a risk and as I can't get it into a garage until later next week I was wondering if I could get a few ideas.
    Basically the seller was 100% legit and very honest he is actually a doctor if that makes any difference.
    Anyway basically he had the car nearly from new 8 weeks ago he had vibrations in the steering wheel between 55 and 65 mph. He took it to his local garage and they refurbished both of the drive shafts however when you drive it now it still shakes over 50 especially between 55-60mph and to be honest the steering is all over the place worse than my renault!! When you accellerate it pulls to the right and just doesnt feel right at all.
    I know 100% it has not been in an accident. I paid 1k less the book value for the car because of this problem. What do you think the problem could be? I didnt test drive it on the motor way. I wish I had now. I feel like I could potentially have made a major mistake. What do you think??
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    To start with and I am sure the Dr would have thought of this but having said that I manage 11 Drs at my practice and none of them have a clue about cars what so ever! :Smile: don't bank on Drs cars being well maintained either as my experience is they ofter are no better than any of us mortals.. In fact most I have worked with are worse and don't like to spend money if they can get away with it. Just my personal expedience no disrespect intended to any Drs on this site.

    I would have the wheel balancing checked out and the wheel alignment to rule that out and then poss start looking at bushes and ball joints there on. If nothing obvious shows up run it over to a Honda dealer for a look. Are the tyres ok? Again could be a silly question but I take it there are no egg like bulges on the inside? The wifes passat did this and it turned out to be both front alloys were buckled I put that down to her aggressive to fast driving! safe to say that as she does not come on this site :Smile:

    Good luck..
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