Talking Audi ?

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by vincemince, Tuesday 16th Aug, 2016.

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    It would be more relevant for them to install technology that enabled their cars to talk to the RAC and AA when they break...
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    Audi is a four letter word.
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    On a similar note, does anyone ever bother using the voice activation commands on their car?

    I've never used them once on my Jag. I just find it far easier and quicker to just press the relevant button. Technology for the sake of it.
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    Totally agree @Pottermus

    As a car salesman once told me about new technology in cars, far too often it is in answer to a question that nobody asked...
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    The only voice activation command I use is ' shut up ' LOL. - I just find it odd talking to a machine , which I very seldom do

    There is a Dave Allen joke on car verbal commands somewhere
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    They think that will stop drivers choosing to intentionally skip lights? Most people see red lights. They just choose not to stop.