Sold Tamiya Radio Control Nitro 1/8th Scale TGR Competition Limited Edition Chassis - RARE (collectable)

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    Part for sale: Tamiya Radio Control Nitro 1/8th Scale TGR Competition Limited Edition Chassis and accessories - VERY RARE (collectable)

    Description: For sale is my Tamiya 1/8th Scale TGR competition RC nitro chassis

    For those who know, this was a limited edition racing chassis designed by Tamiya.
    It is no longer available to buy and is very rare indeed. It is now a collectable item.
    I have yet to see one of these for sale at all here on eBay – So grab this rare opportunity

    For more details on this chassis click this link
    1/8 RC Glow Engine Car TGR CHASSIS KIT

    The chassis has only been used several times during my child hood and has been displayed on my shelf most of its life.
    It is still in excellent condition and it is still fully operational. There are no broken parts and no areas of the chassis require attention. The under chassis do feature scratches, naturally from the few times it was used.

    It comes complete with the Genuine Tamiya Toyota GT 1 TS020 99 body parts set and I will also include a Genuine Tamiya Penzoil R34 Skyline and Mercedes Benz CLK body parts. Also in excellent condition and has rarely seen any action. The Mercedes is missing its spoiler wing.
    Both body parts sets are in good condition and again, spent most of its life on a shelf. It has only been used out on a few occasions. HPI body shells were regularly used when I had a TGX chassis and on the few occasions I used the TGR chassis.

    The chassis comes with the original Tamiya FS-15RB engine. This was included with the chassis, I have added an OS engines recoil pull start assembly to this engine which eliminated the starter box which was originally required.
    The recoil pull starter was lifted from an Os Engines 15cv engine which I had in my previous TGX chassis at the time.
    The Tamiya FS-15RB engine coupled with the recoil pull starter ran great but has not been used for many years, please bare this in mind. The engine internals are still very clean and show hardly any wear.
    The engine will come with a genuine Tamiya TM-2 muffler and genuine Tamiya 41050 engine manifold.
    The engine mounts were slightly raised to clear the additional height of the recoil pull starter assembly, this was perfect and provided convenient engine starting. See images.
    With this being a competition chassis, the new owner would have the choice in installing their own choice of engine if he or she wishes.

    The chassis has been stripped down, cleaned and ready for a new owner.
    There are TGR labels on the side of the fuel tank and a small TGR label sticker on the top of the upper carbon deck. These can be easily removed if it is not to the new owners taste.

    All the radio gear has now been removed so the new owner can install a system of their choice. However all original servo horns, servo mount attachments and screws are included ready for the radio set.

    The chassis will also come with extra sets of wheels/tyres (previously used on a Tamiya TGX chassis) which I owned prior to this chassis at the time. The wheels currently on the chassis I believe are Kyosho. Other wheels include a white HPI wheel set. One of the Tamiya black wheels were lost, hence only having the three. All tyres are good condition and all are perfectly useable.

    I have also included 2 ripmax blue glow starters, wrenches and various anodized washers and body clips all listed below - See images.

    The kit will come with the original instruction manual so it should be easy getting the radio kit installed.
    It also includes the original manual for the Tamiya FS-15RB engine. It explains how to get it tuned up.

    What is included

    -TGR chassis complete with original wheels and tyres - no other additional modifications - factory stock TGR rolling chassis.
    -Genuine Tamiya TM-2 exhuast muffler – excellent condition
    -Genuine Tamiya 41050 engine manifold – also excellent condition
    -Original Tamiya FS-15RB with OS engines recoil pull starter assembly (One way bearing may require replacement as it is starting to slip)
    -Toyota GT 1 TS0020 99 genuine Tamiya body parts set
    -Nissan Skyline R34 Penzoil genuine Tamiya body parts set
    -Mercedes CLK genuine Tamiya body parts set
    -All original servo horns, throttle body rods and servo hardware to attach the servos to the steering and throttle connections – straps, screws, body clips and coloured washers included aswell.
    -Components to mount other saloon/coupe body parts - these are additional body mount posts for the higher body parts i.e. skylines etc. The Toyota is a low GT type body parts set so uses the mounts currently on the car. To use the skyline body parts the additional mount set should be installed to the chassis. (See manual for installation for these)
    -External inline fuel filter
    -Original Aerial Tube

    Accessories included
    -x2 Ripmax Blue Glow starter stick (will require new rechargeable Sub-C size battery)
    -Ripmax Glow starter charger
    -A complete set of deep dished mesh style wheels and tyres – from Kysoho
    -A complete set of white mesh style wheels and tyres – from HPI
    -A complete set of Tamiya black 5 spoke wheels and super slick tyres – Genuine Tamiya
    -x3 genuine Tamiya black 5 spoke wheel and Super slick tyres . (The other one had been lost)
    -Two wrenches

    This kit is extremely rare and no longer available to buy from Tamiya.
    Highly collectable now.

    Thanks for looking

    Price: £350 Posted (As paypal gift please)

    For More Pictures of the Chassis and Kit see this slide show
    Tamiya TGR RC Kit Slideshow by civic_coupe03 | Photobucket

    20160903_150040. 20160903_153128. 20160903_153141. 20160903_153152. 20160903_153203. 20160903_164545. 20160903_164617. 20160903_164637. 20160903_164659. 20160903_164805. 20160903_144118. 20160903_142601. 20160903_142548. 20160903_142501. 20160903_142457. 20160903_142449. 20160903_142431. 20160903_142413. 20160903_142410. 20160903_142405. 20160903_142353. 20160903_142348. 20160903_142335. 20160903_142325. 20160903_142317. 20160903_142310. 20160903_142304. 20160903_142254. 20160903_142250. 20160903_142240. 20160903_142230. 20160903_142225. 20160903_142219.
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