Engine & Gearbox Tappeting noise under mediocre accelaration

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by williamweir, Wednesday 29th Aug, 2012.

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    My 1.8 VTEC with 114700 on the clock sounds fine but when you slightly give it the beans there is hesitation up to 3500rpm and throughout rev range the sound of what i think is tappets. no matter the speed or extra strain on the engine, it tappets the harder you push the pedal. any thoughts?
  2. Is it very tappy on tickover?

    If so then perhaps the valve clearances need adjusting.
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    no tapping at all on tick over. only on middle to hard accelartion. also i can hear the VTEC kick-in. lol its a big thing that made me buy the car in the first place. lol
  4. I'd suspect it isn't tappets then...and VTEC only kicks in at a certain engine speed so as it's throughout the rev range doesn't sound like that either...no doubt we'll get more thoughts from others soon....
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    Matt Peterborough
    Can you hear the v-tec when it kicks in, or is it kicking in all the time?

    If the v-tec runs on a bigger cam surely it would exaggerate the sound of a knocking tappets confirming the engine needs the valve clearances adjusting?!
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    i mis-spelled the earlier reply to thread. i can't hear the VTEC kick in. maybe once or twice but according to data on the web, the VTEC on the f18a engine kicks in @ 3500rpm.
  7. Yours is F18B2 fella
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    cool i thought they all had a f18 engine. lol