Television confusion...HELP!

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    I've decided to finally buy a new TV, and replace my 12 year old 28" Panasonic plasma. It's given great service, but I'd now like a bigger screen.

    I watch TV through Sky HD. I rarely watch DVDs and don't currently stream anything other than 'catch up' TV (so no Netflix, Amazon TV or similar). They all seem to have 'Smart' features, and that is fine.

    I want a 48-50" screen, but having looked for a few weeks I'm bewildered! I'm pretty sure I neither need nor want 3D, but 4K, HDR, OLED etc...who knows. I see TVs that look broadly similar from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, and the specs look similar too, but the prices can vary wildly and salesmen haven't really been able to explain why.

    I've got a budget of up to £1000. Any advice on brand / features etc. gratefully received...
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    For me picture quality is important Currently got Panasonic Plasma with THX certification for best picture - purchased 2011
    AFAIK. THX is what to look for , for best quality picture re. colours / tone / contrast
    Funnily enough was in currys two weeks ago not for tv but went browsing
    The TV s all had same feed on and the Panasonic picture quality was much better than all the others (can't recall the model no. )
    Don't think there are many THX out there at the moment

    THX 4K Certified Displays «

    This link below might be worth a read if you've not seen it already

    The best TVs of 2016: which TV should you buy?: Buying a new TV - what you need to know | TechRadar
    Page one . I now understand why your having difficulty
    Page two. A bit more common sense

    If your thinking of 4K read this link - ( EG you don't want a 4K tv that will not play some 4K sources)
    What is 4K TV and Ultra HD? Everything you need to know

    I remember listing what features there are available and ticking what I needed /wanted and crossing out what I didn't need/want
    Finally I measured the distance from my viewing position to the TVs instal position and viewed the TVs from that distance in the shop
    All the spec. jargon might mean you chose a TV your not actually comfortable watching -
    Yes I did take a tape measure into the showroom and sat and watched
    Took about two months to come to a decision and then waited another 3 months for the price to drop by 50 %
    The model came out sept 2010 purchased August 2011 ( there is a timing issue here for price )
    I don't like buying latest models for two reasons Price is artificially high and no reviews on quality problems available

    Good luck

    Ps try and go when the shop is empty less noise and other distractions
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  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    What he said but look at John Lewis they ave good deals and good base warranty which sometimes is better than the manufacturer own, at no extra cost.
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  4. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    I've actually decided to use Richer Sounds as they give a standard 6 year warranty rather than JLP 5 years. And they're cheaper for the same things.

    I've had such terrible problems with John Lewis recently - very poor service repeatedly and quality problems with furniture - that I'm giving them a miss as they seem to have lost the plot by cutting costs at the expense of service.


    I've ordered an Atacama stand to match my hi-FI racks which should arrive mid-September. I'll get the tv once that arrives.
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    Oh I forgot Richer sound they are really good looking forward to some pictures.
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    All now sorted after spending some time with Richer Sounds today.

    I've gone for a Panasonic after taking their advice - they had all the brands in stock, all about the same price, and said that for watching sport (which is what I do most of) the Panasonic was best as it has the quickest processor. They were able to demonstrate too, which was fascinating to watch the same thing on various sets and spot the differences! The Samsung especially was quite 'blurry' with faster moving images, but had deeper 'dark and black' colours which are important if you watch a lot of films. Fascinating...

    The sad news is that my trusty DVD player (Marantz, c20 years old) won't fit with the new tv as there isn't a Scart connection option and that's all it has. So I've had to order a new DVD player (actually a blu-ray) as they don't keep them in stock in store any more. That will arrive next week and will fill the gap next to my Sky HD box.

    I also went for a sound bar. The Sonos was too expensive and not necessary for what I watch (I have Sonos for music through my hi-FI in the living room and pairs of Play 1 speakers throughout the house in the main rooms) so again based on their recommendation I went for a Pioneer which sounds pretty good. I'd have liked to link to my hi-if speakers instead, but my amp hasn't got any spare inputs...

    Anyway, one more thing off the list!
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  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Nice going @FirstHonda
    I like your reasoning and final choices.
    All round to yours for the Test Matches then :Wink:
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    What is most amazing is the sound.

    It's actually a sound base rather than a sound bar.

    I thought I wanted the Cambridge Audio version, but they showed me the Pioneer which had just come in and it was no contest. The simulated 'surround' sound is just incredible, and the bass..I never knew I needed it until I had it!
  9. exec Premium Member Club Supporter

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    Thats looks like a great setup, and some real fancy gear there! I wouldn't mind one of those soundbar, the speakers on teles tend to have weak bass and the virtual surround sound would make watching films a treat.
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    Spotted a BOSE sound base in Costco at the weekend, new TVs are very lacking in bass, the demo unit wasnt working.
  11. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    I've moved the sound base up to the second shelf, with the Sky box and my blu-ray (once delivered) on the bottom.

    The sound is much clearer slightly higher up, before a lot of the detail was being lost in the carpet!
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    Yeah speakers should never be put at ground level.
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    I have a cheap no name tv, 32" HD but I have the skybox routed through my stereo. The sound difference is
    amazing from the standard tv speakers, especially for films or the music channels. :Niceone:
  14. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

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    I bought this tonight just for streaming music from my phone, WOW what amazing sound
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    Surely with tv's you can only get 4K if the signal & wires send and can handle it. Or am I missing something