Listing Ended Tempting Legend on e-Bay...

Discussion in 'eBay Links' started by FirstHonda, Tuesday 30th Jul, 2013.

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    Wow looks in good nick, and ideal for a LPG conversion.
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    It's a gem that one!
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    ^^ If it is as good and genuine as it looks in the pictures, somebody is going to be very lucky - and I hope that they realise it and treat it accordingly!!

    Wish it could be me...:Sobbing:
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    This one is still listed on eBay.

    Nice though it is (looks) the price is probably a bit on the ambitious side. £1495 would be more like it, as it IS a big old car and not that many people want those, being afraid of potential repair costs.

    Actually I'd better be careful...for £1495 I'd have it tomorrow!!

    As a comparison in terms of price...not as nice I know, but not that far off?

    Honda Legend 3.5 ( sr ) ( c/control ) auto ## GENUINE P/X BARGAIN ## | eBay
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