Accord Thatcham approved alarm?

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  1. Zebster Guest

    I'm shopping around for insurance... can anyone confirm that the factory-fitted alarm on the PFL 7th Generation Accord diesel Tourer (CN2) is 'Thatcham Approved'?

    And is it also an immobiliser?

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    Am I right in thinking when buying insurance they only ask if you've fitted extra security as all cars now come with some type of alarm/immobiliser the type as factory fitted they know about ?
  3. Zebster Guest

    Compare the Market ask about the alarm, giving multiple choice answers which include whether you have an aftermarket or manufacturer-fitted alarm (and whether it is Thatcham-approved).
  4. jimjams Guest

    It's definitely an immobiliser, it is impossible to start the car without the key.

    The siren is in the offside rear wing, if someone wanted to kill that it could be done from outside with a battery angle-grinder through the wing, and a bucket of water to drop the siren into, but they wouldn't be able to start the car without the key (unless they came with a special ECU and replaced the original ECU after putting the siren in a bucket of water).
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    Not come across that one myself Jon, I used the fat opera singer and just swapped from castle cover to esure, perhaps its the age or value of bump so they didn't ask or I just ticked manufacturers I can't recall but it was bloom in cheap at £195 and that's for London, parked in drive, protected NCD etc which I thought was good although its twice what bump trades at !
  6. Zebster Guest

    Makes sense. I'll say it does have an immobiliser.

    I know it's a manufacturers alarm, but still have to select whether Thatcham-approved or not. I'll reluctantly make a guess about this if I have to, but I don't want to give them an excuse not to pay out in the event that the car is stolen!

    Yes, that does sound like a very good price for London. Mine was £165 last year, but includes business use (not just commuting).
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    Spain stu lanzarote
    That's good mine SDP only, I always thought thatcham was just a kind of independant body who recommends quality type approval of systems ( brains cooked can't think of correct terms ) I couldn't imagine them having to approve a manufactures system but I don't know for sure.
    I guess if the worse happened ( god forbid ) you could always say - - I don't believe it, theve only nicked my thatcham approved alarm system as well !
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