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    Had a few days up in Cumbria last week... My Aunt passed away and I took the folks up for the funeral.

    The last few months my mileage over the course of the month has been between 35-37mpg and I've been less than impressed with it My old Mondeo was far more efficient doing the same journeys and I am starting to wonder if a diesel is the right kind of car for the type of driving I do.

    As usual before a trip, fluids, oil and pressure were all checked and topped off, tyre pressures set to higher than normal because 4 people plus luggage and a wheelchair would be in the car.

    So this time it was a trip up the M1 from Milton Keynes where I picked up the folks and my other Aunt, then the A1 from Leeds up to Scotch Corner and across the A66 because it's a nice drive and gives the folks something to look at. With the running around whilst up there for 4 days I did 394 miles on roughly 2/3 of a tank and when I filled up it worked out to 47.9mpg... around 39lts... That was using Morrisons supermarket fuel because I had a 10p off per litre voucher so filled up for 87.7p p/l.

    I know some of you don't rate supermarket fuel, but I couldn't pass up an offer like that.

    Filled up at Sainsbury for the drive home and went the M6, M1 route and averaged 46mpg using cruise control most of the way.

    Whilst I'm not entirely happy with that... (my old Mondeo would eat up motorways and that same trip last April averaged 56mpg with 3 people, similar amount of luggage and a wheelchair.) I am at least relieved that it is capable of getting better MPG's than I've been seeing.

    I know... another thread about MPG's. Are my expectations simply too high? I was hoping for at least 50-53mpg rather than the average of 47mpg I got over 650 or so miles.
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    United Kingdom Dan Oldbury
    I wouldn't worry about the difference between 53mpg and 47mpg. It will be a really small difference in cost terms.
    I used to have a Mondeo too, an 03 reg 2.0 TDCi. It used to get about 42mpg on the urban commute and about 53 on a run. If you're traffic heavy or really short journeys then the MPG will drop.
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    Your MPG on a motorway journey is identical to my 54 diesel tourer (also using cheap supermarket fuel and tyres at 37 PSI all round). However my MPG has hardly ever drops below 40 MPG even after periods of driving mostly short journeys. I accurately calculate the MPG every time I fill to the brim.

    It would be great to get more than 50 MPG on a run, but the tourer is quite a big car and I do lug a heavy tools and equipment around wherever I go.
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    I had set my tyres to 36psi all round for the trip too.. I normally keep them a little over recommended because of the wheelchair I often carry... Seems daft to constantly adjust them for carrying them occasionally, so I just set my tyres to that every time I do them. which is either once every 2 weeks or right before a longer trip (when I check all the fluids)

    I've also remembered this morning that at the MOT he said on the drivers rear wheel was dragging a little... when he had it on the rollers free rolling one side was taking 18kg force to rotate it whilst the other was 27kg. I'd forgotten about it and want to get the wheel off and check the calliper over to see if the pads need the edges grinding down a little of if the slider/piston is sticky.
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    ...prior to owning my 2.4 Tourer (purchased simply to tide me over until I bought something more expensive 17k miles ago!) I owned 2 much newer CDTi Estates ...they both averaged about 42mpg properly calculated thus not terribly economical...I would be most surprised...in fact I wouldn't believe owners reporting consistent MPG above 45-47 ish!
    The fact is that the dervs aren't that fuel efficient or reliable (far too many inherent faults) compared to Honda's virtually indestructible petrol engined cars and I would never buy another one...
    The problem I have is what to replace the glorious 2.4 with? Seriously what do you buy if you don't want stink fuel or a 1.6 turbo petrol these days?
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    United Kingdom Dan Oldbury
    On autotrader at the moment, about 6% of used cars under £10k are estates. Of these, about 25% are petrol. Of these, only another 25% are 2 litre or more. So that's about 0.35% of the used car market that I'm interested in lol.

    But what I do quite like the look of is Ford's 2.0 T ecoboost in the mondeo estate. £10k gets around a 2010/11 model.
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    Its a good question, I have often wondered what I would replace the accord with and really the only answer is a next generation accord tourer 2.4 petrol. But they are like rocking horse poo to find!

    other options are diesels or silly small petrol engines with massive turbos to get round EU emissions laws which are not for me.... Hopefully by the 23rd June we will be out the EU for good and can use bigger engines again without breaking their stupid legislation!
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    United Kingdom Dan Oldbury
    I very much doubt our emissions laws would change if we left the EU.
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    Emissions would be the same as the rest of the EU for one very simple reason... there isn't a single manufacturer out there who would go to the extra expense to make a UK specific model... it's already more costly to make a right hand drive version (for non Japanese manufacturers).
  10. Zebster Guest

    Maybe if we leave the EU car manufacturers would make a special model in Union Flag livery that was designed to be especially polluting to keep anti-EU people happy? Perhaps also remove some of that horrible Euro NCAP nonsense as well.
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    Fair point, didn't want to start a debate!
    Just like my big engine.

    Incidentally... The home land of the EU already make an especially polluting model for most of Europe and the USA!
    now I wonder which brand that might be???
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    VW? That is truly a scandal!