Guides The 14 YM Honda CR-V 1.6 Diesel Overview

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    2014 Year Model (YM*) changes, the overview.
    For 2014 Model Year the main change for CR-V is the introduction of the 1.6 diesel engine (as already found in the Civic).

    Engine oil and filter (1.6 Diesel)
    The 1.6 diesel engine will use a new engine oil. Compared to the current engine oil used in the 2.2 diesel engines, this oil has a lower viscosity at low
    tempertures while keeping the same viscosity at high temparatures. This results in about 1% fuel consumption decrease.

    Partnumber :
    08232-P99D1LHE (1 Litre)
    08232-P99D4LHE (4 litre)

    The 1.6 diesel engine also uses a normal cartridge type oil filter.
    Partnumber is 15400-RZ0-G01.
    1.6 oil filter.

    Removal of the Oil filter is carried out with tool
    Partnumber 070AA-RL00100

    1.6 oil filter cup HK.

    How to bleed air from the fuel system (1.6 Diesel)

    If the fuel tank has been run dry, air may enter the fuel system. This prevents the engine from restarting even after you refuel the vehicle.
    Bleed the air from the fuel system as follows:
    1. Pour at least 5 litres of fuel in the fuel tank.
    2. Open the bonnet.
    3. Squeeze the fuel hand primer (A) until you feel a strong resistance.
    1.6 diesel bleeder.
    4. Start the engine.
    Note: Do not hold the ignition switch for more than 10 seconds at a time. This could damage the fuel pump and the engine starter. If the engine does not start, go back to step 3.
    5. Depress the accelerator pedal slightly and hold it at approximately 1,500 RPM for about 30 seconds. - Air bleeding of the fuel system is complete.
    6. Turn off the engine, then restart it again. Repeat this at least three times at intervals of approximately 45 seconds. - The malfunction indicator lamp or PGM-FI goes off.

    Emergency refueling
    If you need to refuel with a non-standard diesel filler nozzle or from a portable fuel container, use the funnel
    (A) located in the spare wheel well. Remove the funnel
    (A) from the case* (B) and insert it in the filler neck.
    * Not available on all models
    Efuel filler HK. Efuel filler HK2.
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